How it works

Sometime around the beginning of February, Ophelia and Dashiell distribute 5″ x 7″ canvases, along with paints and brushes, to their respective classes. Kids are invited to create a painting, preferably of a heart.


A week or so later the paintings are collected and catalogued.


On the day of the show (we like it to fall close to Valentine’s Day), Ophelia’s staff (me) goes into the venue and mounts the artwork. The artists generally arrive as soon as school is out.


After a short welcome message from the founder, the bidding is officially open. Patrons have about an hour to peruse the collection and bid on pieces they think would look particularly good on their refrigerators.


Bidding is closed promptly at 4:30, giving the staff (me) 15 minutes to tally up the bids, collect payment, and announce  the total raised. For the past two years, the chairman of the Randall Children’s Hospital Foundation has graciously attended and was there to accept the money collected.


This year, if we’re more organized than we were last year, we’d like to open up participation to more kids. More kids means more art supplies, more artwork, a bigger venue, and hopefully, a bigger donation to the Randall Children’s Hospital Foundation. 100% of what comes in goes to the foundation –– so if you know anybody who might be willing to donate art supplies, a venue, or snacks, Ophelia’s staff (me) would greatly appreciate it.

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